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            by Chef D

On a Mission to promote Healthy Home Cooking back into our homes... 

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Chef D.
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My Green Kitchen Cooking Academy

  Surti-fied by Chef D    |  Specialist Veg* Chef

 Food Startup & Business Development,

Menu &  NPD  Consultant

 Chef Trainer | Cooking Classes | Educator 


Specialist Healthy Cooking Chef Ambassador

SaladMaster Consultant

Healthy Cooking Educator for Schools 

Corporate Cooking Classes & Staff Wellbeing experience.

YouTube Channel | Influencer 

25 yrs Catering & Restaurant

Hospitality Industry experience

Founder of Surti Foods 1994 to 2020

 Finalist Best Vegan Chef & Restaurant in

MFDHAwards 2018 & 2019

A Veggie Virtuoso - Title by Express & Star

From a simple home cook fuelled by passion and ambition. Now a National and International Chef, Events Caterer and Restaurateur. 

Founder of:

Surti Foods - Surti by Chef D & Surti-fied by Chef D


Now brings you... 

My Green Kitchen 

Cooking up Deliciously Healthy cuisine and sharing my experience and knowledge to help you prevent and control lifestyle diseases, through the power of nutrition! & correct cooking methods!

Supporting Great Health & the 

316Ti Specialist health cooking system. 

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Nutritional Cooking

25 years of


Chef D has done the hard work so you don't have to.

Learn from the Best, in the Best, with the Best!

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Live in your home or at My Green Kitchen studio Kitchen.

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Concerned about your health? or the health of your loved ones?
Do you want to know how the combination of increasing nutrition in your meals and eliminating the toxins leaching from your cookware helps you
 reverse and prevent lifestyle disease's ?  Are you or your loved ones suffering form
Diabetes, High blood pressure, High Cholesterol, Obesity, Cancer, Heart disease ?

Want to know how you can start to improve your health today?
Book my FREE live presentation workshop where I show you how  you can cook delicious 
super nutritious meals and desserts every day and still be super healthy. 
 'Let Food be Thy Medicine and Medicine be Thy Food'  Hippocrates

Chef D, with Saladmaster 

My Green Kitchen

If I can show you how you can put up to 98% nutrition back into your everyday meals. Help you reverse and prevent lifestyle diseases, not just for you but for your family too, not just for a couple of weeks or months, but for the rest of your life and your families life. If I can help reduce your cooking time and save your energy bills, and if that's not enough... you have zero toxins leaching back into your food, harming your body and preventing you from healing.
Do you think this will benefit you and help improve your health ?

Thank you Chef D. With your guidance I have been able to give my daughter the perfect wedding gift. The gift of knowing she will always be cooking healthy and her health and her families health now have the best equipment to ensure the best health. 

Dr Trishna Dey.  Shirley


We invested in our health and it has been the best decision. Thanks to the guidence of Chef D and Saladmaster, I have exactly what I need for my  family.

I cook the best meals, delicious, fast. I have a baby and I am the happiest parent knowing that the food I cook for her is giving her a better chance of growing up healthy. 

Shobna Patil. Midlands

Want to thank Chef D for the continuous support given during and after I invested in my Saladmaster set. I have now got one for both my sons and my mum has got a set too. I feel so content knowing that my whole family is cooking healthy and no toxins and chemicals will hinder their health goals. My mum has chronic osteoarthritis and the increase in her nutrition is already improving her mobility and general strength. 

Carol Stevens  Leeds

Healthy Salad

“Words cannot express the gratification that my family and I feel... ...Traditional Indian cuisine in MEXICO... Thank you for creating a memorable and unforgettable experience.”

— International client, USA, 2015

Palak Paneer

The Veggie Virtuoso!

“First vegan/vegetarian chef and restaurant to reach finals in the Midlands Food & Drink Hospitality Awards...”

— Express and Star 

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